NBC Parody Art

Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers often feature sketches that parody pop culture. Our design team makes parody movie posters, album art, and everything in-between as a fun way to complement high-performing clips on Instagram. For SNL, we have 1-4 hours to make each piece. These are some that I made independently.


Creative Direction—Sean Gresens
Art Direction/Design—Gira Patel

Parody movie poster titled 'Stranger Things 3'
Jon Snow sitting on the Iron Thone with SNL behind him
Parody book cover with a creepy clown
Parody movie poster for a romantic comedy
Parody movie poster of 'Its a Wonderful Trump'
Parody movie poster of 'Star Warriors'
Parody movie poster of 'Oscar Bait'
Parody movie poster of 'Newspaper Movie'
Marvelous Miss Rita
Boo Boo Jeffries
Natalie Portman rap album